Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Fish

We drove out to Birchwood to Anders' parents' house on the lake and did some fishing on a pontoon boat. Here is Kiefer and me on the drive getting excited to catch some fish.
Caught this pic while driving, I love the green grass and trees and red barns.
We pulled up to the dock in front of Anders' house and Anders' dad got a pole setup and Kiefer reeled in his first fish off the dock! He was so excited and it was so much fun!

The fish were biting like crazy so it was really quick and easy catching and tossing the small ones back. We ended up keeping a dozen and we're planning to cook them up later in the week.
I caught a few fish and here I am with my first one, notice I'm a little hesitant with the holding of the fish, Anders gave me a hard time and I'm going to need to work on that. What can I say, I'm an "Avid Indoorsman" so this is foreign territory for me.
Cooper really liked the fish and even gave them kisses!
The sisters had a great time on the boat relaxing and enjoying a perfect sunny day.
Cooper really loved being in the driver's seat.
We finished the day with an awesome fish fry at the Pine Ridge, so good!

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Kaci Mae said...

Hi Kiefer, it's Sam! I looked at the pictures of your trip. I saw you fishing. Did you have fun? I got a Bumblebee Transormer even though it's Evan's birthday and he got an Octomus (sic) Prime. I hope you have a good trip home and next time you come to my house you could play with our new Transformers. And I got to go to the ranch with my grandpa and grandma and now they're going back to California. I miss you and that's all.