Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jason & Kara

Jason & Kara
uploaded from my iPhone

Jason (former summer staff at Hume and current Showit support guru) and Kara got married tonight and it was awesome! Most memorable moment: Kara was reading her vows to Jason and he gets a gushing bloody nose, tries to deal, finally leaves, the band does a song, Jason not back, father of bride starts to tell joke, Jason back, saved! It was a great evening and Elisa and I are having a great kidless weekend (thanks Oma and Opa!).

The awesome church:

The first dance at the reception:

Check out more pictures from the photographers Christopher Wren and Tira J.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Circus

The Circus was in town tonight so we headed over since the fairgrounds is right down the street. We met up with the Cornelius family and started out sitting in the stands which are way far back separated by a big asphalt area and then a patch of grass and then the horse track where the circus was setup.
We went walking down to check stuff out and realized a bunch of people were sitting in the grass right next to the fence really close, so we moved and had the most amazing close seats so we could see everything!
Here's a fuzzy picture of a black bear riding a scooter, if you cross your eyes and squint you can kind of see it, the bear is wearing a red collar.
Kiefer liked the dancing poodles and the black bears but by far he LOVED the motorcycles, he was giddy to the max with his pushing of the back of his hands into his mouth as he makes gurgling sounds. They somehow managed to get three dirt bikes into this circular cage and did all kinds of loops, crazy! Elisa could barely watch, I can't even imagine what an accident would look like inside of that ball but they did it perfect and came out unharmed.
The guy on the tight rope tried a back flip and fell off, but he was only about six feet up so he didn't get hurt and got back on and successfully did the back flip. We also got a family picture with the black bear, you had to pay for it and it's on a polaroid so I took a picture of it:
I forgot my camera so all these pics are from the phone, Joe had his camera that got much better pictures, so maybe I'll have part two if I ever get those.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Joe and Christy told us there were blackberries in Oak Creek this weekend and the first thing I thought was, "Dude, I'm an iPhone guy!" but then I realized he meant the actual blackberries that you pick and eat (not the phones like the one Elisa inherited when I got an iPhone). They were camping there for the weekend but we decided to go this morning and pick blackberries and swim in the creek, maybe next time we'll have a tent and actually camp with them. The berries were amazing and it was quite fun to scout them out and pick them, especially since there were so many ripe ones! I carried Cooper in the backpack so I couldn't really get deep into the thorny bushes so I just enjoyed taking a bunch of pictures. Here is a slideshow of the day followed by a few of my favorites: