Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jason & Kara

Jason & Kara
uploaded from my iPhone

Jason (former summer staff at Hume and current Showit support guru) and Kara got married tonight and it was awesome! Most memorable moment: Kara was reading her vows to Jason and he gets a gushing bloody nose, tries to deal, finally leaves, the band does a song, Jason not back, father of bride starts to tell joke, Jason back, saved! It was a great evening and Elisa and I are having a great kidless weekend (thanks Oma and Opa!).

The awesome church:

The first dance at the reception:

Check out more pictures from the photographers Christopher Wren and Tira J.


|| davidjay || said...

That picture could be improved 100x by cropping off the left half.


Tira J said...

Ha ha! Hey Todd, it was wonderful to meet you and your wife at the wedding. Hope the whole Mr. Mom thing is going well for you this week!