Saturday, September 6, 2008


Joe and Christy told us there were blackberries in Oak Creek this weekend and the first thing I thought was, "Dude, I'm an iPhone guy!" but then I realized he meant the actual blackberries that you pick and eat (not the phones like the one Elisa inherited when I got an iPhone). They were camping there for the weekend but we decided to go this morning and pick blackberries and swim in the creek, maybe next time we'll have a tent and actually camp with them. The berries were amazing and it was quite fun to scout them out and pick them, especially since there were so many ripe ones! I carried Cooper in the backpack so I couldn't really get deep into the thorny bushes so I just enjoyed taking a bunch of pictures. Here is a slideshow of the day followed by a few of my favorites:


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Jasmine said...

Ooooh, if JD gets to eat handpicked blackberries without me, there's going to be some havoc to be raised! ;) Have fun this week!