Sunday, May 10, 2009

Awesome Mom!

A Happy Mother's Day to Elisa, a wonderful mom to our two cute little boys. We let her sleep in a little and the picture below is when the boys woke her up. We went to church in the morning and lunch downtown at the Mountain Oasis. We all took great naps in the afternoon and then let Elisa relax while I took the boys out for some shopping and to pick up pizza to bring home for dinner.
Notice Kiefer's nice band aid, he fell in the backyard last night and his head landed on a rock. I ran out to get him and brought him in while he was curled up and crying and said, "OK, let me see what happened". He pulled his hands away and his face was covered in blood like a horror movie. It turned out to be a pretty tiny cut that was just gushing and we cleaned it out and it stopped bleeding and he hasn't complained about it since.

JT joined us in the evening and will be visiting for a few days, the boys were so excited to see him and loved having him read them a story.

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