Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We headed out on our trip to California on Sunday which started with a stop in Bakersfield with the Simpsons. Cooper did great on the drive and even took two good naps, here he is in la la land:
We got to see Eroc and his new church The Bridge which just opened their new building and was AMAZING! Here we are standing in the youth building in "Discovery Field" which is decorated like a baseball field and includes fake grass which I thought was so cool. It was very different and fun to see that grass used indoors and even more fun to see what Eric and his family are up to these days.
Here we are with the family at breakfast watching the final video from the Sees since they have been sending Kiefer a video every day for the last 14 days counting down the days to our visit.
We are now in Clovis with the Sees having a great time but we found out that we missed the FIRST SNOW in Flagstaff. JT was staying at our house on Sunday night and took this photo in the morning. I'm sure it'll all be melted before we get home but Elisa was a little disappointed to miss it.
We're here in Clovis now and here is my view from the lazy-boy in Nate's office of Nate working at his desk. I guess he likes having a really tall desk that he can stand at, but when he wants to sit he has this stool which isn't tall enough, so he stacked some books on the stool. It's a little interesting to me, I'll take the reclining lazy-boy any day of the week.

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Emily said...

Ohhhhhh that picture of Cooper asleep is sooo cute, I wish I could use it for my facebook profile. They made Kiefer a daily video? What kind of video? How cool is that?