Monday, August 25, 2008

New York

We're in New York enjoying the very overpopulated city :) Our hotel is in a China town type area and when we arrived, the bus driver Jay and I went to find something to eat. We ended up going with Kebabs from this Afghani place which was pretty good.

The rest of the crew showed up the next day and we went down and got to see over-advertising in Time Square, it's crazy how many LED screens are packed in there, no need for street lights when it feels like daytime from the light of the screens.
Times Square

Jasmine and JD are here along with Allie and DJ which makes Shyla and me the "third wheels" (Shyla is nice but I sure which Elisa was here for a triple date :) DJ took this picture and you'd think being some kind of pro he would have figured out how to keep his finger away from covering the lens.

We went to Jasmine's favorite dessert spot, "Serendipity 3" which makes a $1000 sundae, too bad you have to order 48 hours in advance, next time we'll plan ahead :)
J and JD

This morning Jasmine, Allie and JD went running but it was pretty hot out so I just watched from the bus window as I drank my coffee.

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Emily said...

favorite dessert spot? how many dessert spots are there? i'm getting into the dessert business, you know, need to research it.