Thursday, August 14, 2008


Rather than posting pictures of the room, figured I would post some pictures of the bus while we are parked here in Denver. We had a great turn out here and will be staying through Saturday before we head out. The following is a tour of the bus, starting with the driver's seat which includes two GPS units and a couple monitors that show the view from the cameras on the outside of the bus used for changing lanes and backing up.
Driver Seat

The copilot seat has a recliner and I claimed that as my coding chair :)

The front area has a living room area with two TVs and a fridge and kitchen.
Living Room
Living Room

The middle area has four bunk beds and mine is that top one. It has black out shades that really keep it dark in addition to doors on both sides that lock out that area and keep it pretty easy to sleep in no matter what time of day.

There are two toilets along with a pretty nice shower.

The back room has a big bed and its own TV.
Back Room
Back Room

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