Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For those that are looking for some addicting fun, my friend David Jay and I have been working on the for the past few months. Below is a preview of the voting interface:

We finally launched our first official contests and in the first day of open voting we had over 40,000 votes! It's been a fun project and hopefully a great help to the photographic community as it allows for a contest where the masses decide the best photos. It also allows a photographer to submit their photo and then they receive a rating for their photo which is based on feedback from thousands of people so they can get a great sense of what photos capture people and that people like. It also allows photographers to see a wide range of work from other photographers in a quick and fun way. Instead of rating each photo, you just pick the best of four and we do the complicated math behind the scenes that creates the ratings based on the choices of anyone who votes. Happy Voting!

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