Saturday, January 5, 2008


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The McWatters (Darin, Shannon, Jack, Hank, Lily, and Will) came through on their way from Phoenix to Boulder City Nevada traveling from family to family and they decided to stop off and spend the night on Thursday night. Darin painted me this awesome series of three canvases for our front room and we love how it came out! He is such a talented guy, from rock star lead singer of Everybody Duck, to writer of all our summer video productions I worked on at Hume, to being the world famous Reverend D Ray Montgomery, painting is just one of his many talents. Here is Cooper and Will:

And Darin with Lily and Will:

Darin is speaking at a winter camp in Williams, so he was going to drop his family off and come back, so I hitched a ride and kept him company for the drive back to Williams from Nevada. We had a great time hanging out on the drive and Darin is really a good friend that I have missed being around since leaving Hume. I stuck around in Williams last night and watched him speak at the camp before coming home. Here he is in front of the packed Junior High crowd. How he kept their attention at 11 PM I have no idea.


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DarinMcWatters said...

Wow. That painting looks great in the photo.

Thanks again for riding along yesterday. It was great having some time to hang out.

I look too fat in the photo here. Can you photoshop that?