Saturday, February 21, 2009


This last week was a little crazy and I realized I haven't updated the blog, so in case anyone is wondering, Cooper is doing really well, the antibiotics, IV and oxygen did wonders did get him back to his full self and he was able to come home Sunday morning. Here he is on the recovery path as he had fun playing in the play room at the hospital.
I had planned on going to WPPI in Las Vegas and it was a little up in the air with how Cooper was doing, but once he was recovering well I decided to go ahead and go on the trip. It's a photography convention and we had planned to have all of our full time Showit crew come which is rare for all of us to be together since we all work remote. This meant we had people coming in from LA, Santa Barbara, Fresno, Mesa, Flagstaff, and Chicago.
It was great to have everyone in the same room and have a chance to go out to dinner and get to know each other outside of work. We had a couple suites in the MGM Signature and had set times throughout the day where we were meeting with customers and getting feedback and providing training. A couple of us even ventured to the top of the Stratosphere to try out their new rides. Jason did the X-Scream twice and here he is on the front of the ride while we were watching, it was crazy how they have this cart that hangs you off the building at almost 900 feet up and keeps sliding you forward and tilting you down.
We also did the Insanity which hangs you out over the edge and spins in circles until you are facing down while spinning, it was definitely insane.
We had a great time and even went and saw The Blue Man Group which was a great show and pretty entertaining. Another fun part was having Matt come along from Flagstaff as we had been talking to him about working for us managing some of the business operations and some sales for our company, so it was a good chance for him to meet the crew and see what we are all about (mainly having a good time). He plays the guitar and stole this one from one of the wandering mariachi players to show him how he's got better skills, I don't think the guy was too happy about that :)

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