Sunday, January 18, 2009

NFC Champions!

My brother and I went to the Cardinals game today and it was insane, my throat is going to hurt for a week from all the screaming and my hands are practically bleeding from all the high fives. It was the loudest craziest event I've ever been at and it was amazing to see the Cardinals upset the Eagles and make it to their first Super Bowl ever! I got tickets on eBay and they were in the "Ring of Honor" which were amazing seats because they were at the bottom of the upper level without anyone in front or behind you so you could stand or sit without being in people's way (we stood pretty much the whole game). Here's a view of our seats before the game.
There were a ton of excited Cardinals fans with all kinds of costumes and painted faces, check out the guy that sat next to us.
The view of the game was fantastic, you could see the whole field really well and I think I liked these tickets more than some of the ones we have had in the lower levels.
My friend Josh drove down to the game with me from Flagstaff and my brother car pooled with Josh's friend Tom from East Mesa and they sat on the opposite side of the stadium.
We also had a great time meeting and celebrating with the Jeff and his dad who were the season ticket holders that sat next to us.

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