Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, it's coming down pretty good, it started on Saturday night and on Sunday I got to try out my new shovel! It's like pushing a lawn mower that gets heavier really fast but it worked really well.
We just got almost a foot last night and I'm about to try the shovel on this snow, don't think it's going to work because there is just so much snow!
Here is Kiefer and Cooper about to enjoy their first snow play of the season, Cooper did not like it and did not last more than two minutes whereas Kiefer played and played while I shoveled and shoveled.
And the results of all my shoveling was this blister on my sensitive "programmer hands".
I spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday cleaning out my office, I had boxes from Hume that were still just stacked and so I finally unpacked everything! Now that all the computers for building DVDs are down in Queen Creek I was able to clear out the office and it actually feels kind of cozy.
New Office
And here's one fun picture from the week, Cooper was on the stairs and just decided to lay down and relax, so cute.
Jailed Cooper


|| davidjay || said...

I'm 99% sure that we have a million dollar umbrella policy on your hands. Let me check...

JeffersonTodd said...

Ha!!! I started laughing so hard when I saw the photo of your hand. It looks like you'll have to build up those calluses again during the winter.

Now that there is a nice coat of snow, it's about time for another visit although I still need to get some snow shoes so my toes don't freeze like last year.

Jason said...

I feel your pain man. I pet a poodle the other day and started bleeding. I really need to use a hammer once and a while.