Sunday, July 27, 2008

Training Camp

Kiefer and I went down to NAU today to watch the Cardinals practice during training camp.
There was quite a crowd and it was fun to see Leinart throw a few passes like the picture below.
As we were leaving, we ended up walking right past a few of the players that stopped and got a few pictures like Boldin...
But Kiefer had his eyes on other things, there was an AMBULANCE right there waiting in case someone got hurt.
Right now ambulances are Kiefer's favorite, especially because the ambulance "Ratchet" is his favorite Transformer and so Kiefer even goes by the nickname "Kieferatchet". That's the one toy he takes everywhere and when we tuck him in at night, that's the toy he's holding. Kiefer was so excited that they let him see the back and get inside and here is Kiefer with his new friends Pete and Stephanie.

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Brett Bollman said...

That last picture is such classic Keiferatchet!

Why didn't we plan our coding week around Cardinal training camp?!? I wanna go!