Sunday, May 18, 2008

Azure Ushers Us In

After hearing the news of the Simpsons leaving Hume, it got me a little sad as Eroc is THE Hume icon for me. I got a little nostalgic thinking about some of the great times we had at Hume, and especially the fun I had making videos with Eric. Eric was in so many great videos, but I decided to post an obscure one since it has the voices of so many great people from Hume. It's crazy because Jason Lackey did the animation on this and he now works for Showit doing graphics and support and Nate voices and sings for Azure and he does all of the design/marketing for Showit. It's too bad we couldn't steal Eric too, but maybe someday :)

In addition, there is also the voices of:
Norm Daniels as the youth pastor. He also did the original sketches and is my other Hume icon that now works at a camp in San Diego.
Darin as the nerdy Steven Jenkins. He also wrote the song and script and came up with the whole idea for Camp Gloryland with Eric and me.
Jen Schuler as Esther. Their family is coming to visit us this week!
Becky as Fuschia. They came out to visit us in December.
Dunkin as Maximus and we worked together in media

And of course, the famous Eroc Simpson does the voice of QuickNick, the pumped up camp counselor. This is the role he did for so many years and what I'll always remember him as when I went to Hume as a camper. He also does the jock voice for Brody which is fantastic!

Hume is definitely losing a legend but I know Eric will be doing great stuff where ever he goes. He's such an infectious creative guy that you can't help but smile when you are with him. I can't wait to get launched once he gets some free time...

Anyway, if you like making fun of "Contemporary" Christian worship songs with words that don't mean anything, then you should enjoy Azure's rendition of Vertical Amplitude Number X...

If you enjoyed that, we created a website back in the day and it's still up and the text for the site is so fantastic written by Darin, I still love reading it. We also have the original Gloryland video there with the awesome characters of Gus and Chowgal. Check it out at

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