Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cheerio Head

Big brother having fun messing with the younger compliant one:

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Kevin Sturm said...

That's awesome! Looks like you are doing great with two kids. We have our second due in about a month. It's fun to meet with DJ and see how things at ShowIT are going. You both have built a sweet suite of software.

Tammy is in Flagstaff. They have been there for a couple years now. Jon (her husband) works at NAU. They are days (or maybe hours) from the second family addition, so things are busy for them.

DJ and I chatted a little about maybe Tammy helping you do packaging for ShowIT DVD stuff. Not sure if that is still needed, but she would probably be interested. She is a total perfectionist and pretty decent at package design. She actually started her own little thing a while back called TamsMark, but has not done anything with it. The thought was to design cards and other crafty things, but she got too busy doing Mommy stuff.

Next time I'm in Flagstaff I'll shoot you an email.