Monday, November 12, 2007


uploaded from my iPhone

This week I'm in Santa Barbara with Aaron Griffy, our newest developer that is starting this week. Nate Sees our designer and TJ Hill who wrote all our music are also here. DJ and Brett (working on Showit Sites) met us for Sushi last night for some great Santa Barbara cuisine. We ended up staying at the Double Tree instead of DJ's house because he thought we would be more comfortable instead of sleeping on the floor. So we got two ocean view rooms that are pretty awesome and here is the view of Aaron and Nate walking by from our patio.

TJ Hill has done so much great music for me starting back at Hume with banquet videos and "We Like Sheep" and then eventually the music library in Showit Web. He drove up from San Diego so it was great to see him. Even though I would much rather have preferred Elisa in my room last night, TJ provided some good conversation as my roommate.


Jeff said...

You are a dork. But I'll still be your friend anyway.

|| davidjay || said...

Only the best for ShowitCon


Scott K said...

Dude, is that a John Martin look alike in the middle?